This Oil with 20% contains full spectrum CBG 5% CBD and is suitable for somewhat experienced users, looking for an all-natural approach to well-being. Our 25% CBG Gold Oil contains a 10 ml blend of hemp seed oil, terpenes and 2500mg of full spectrum combination CBG CBD.


This oil with 20% Full spectrum CBG + 5% CBD is suitable for more experienced users. Our 25% CBG GOLD contains 10 ml of a mixture of hemp oil, terpenes and 2500 mg of a full-spectrum CBG+CBD combination. One bottle contains 250 drops with 9 mg of blended CBG oil per drop. Gentle CO2 extraction ensures that the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes of hemp remain intact. Our CBG Gold Oil 25% is made from organically grown certified hemp plants, making it GMO free. It is made from all-natural ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free and contains no artificial preservatives or colors.

CBG (Cannabigerol) is known as the “Stem Cell Cannabinoid” or the “Mother of All Cannabinoids”. This is because CBG is the parent molecule from which all other cannabinoids are derived.

Experience the power of CBG “the mother of all cannabinoids” with this 20% CBG full spectrum oil..

A 1:1 ratio of CBG to CBD and a wide range of other supportive cannabinoids and terpenes make this oil incredibly potent.

This is RAW CBG oil from Canada made using low temperatures and advanced extraction methods to preserve all the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant and maximize the side effect.
These products are sold as a cosmetic product. Apply to the skin and spread.
Reduces stress: 44%
Improves sleep: 37%

Dosage: 2 doses
Number of doses: 250 doses
Canabidol: 8 mg
Percent per dose % D.V.*
*The reference value is not established

Ingredients: Cannabis sativa seed oil,
CBG 20.15%, CBD – Cannabidiol 3.24%,
CBN 0.30%, THC – N/A. Made in Canada
Distributor: RealPureHEMP Ltd.

Contents: 10ml (250 doses)
Weight: 9.5 g
(CBG content 2000 mg +-5%)
5% is the weight percentage of cbg to the total weight of the oil.
EXPIRATION marked on the packaging.

Max 2 to 3 doses per day


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